In Stores August 2019


this creative direction took a daring leap: leaving the past designs behind to step further into the future. by shedding old weight, we were able to develop and explore avenues we may not have before. we stopped looking at old logos, colors, designs, etc and started to play with new ideas and concepts. we wanted to be bold - like elkline’s customers on an epic adventure - and see what was on the other side.


like most large rebrands, elkline's logo development process was a long and winding road. we explored a wide variety of avenues and options over weeks of design development. an important part of the process was that the brand didn't lose it's core identity - the elk. we looked at ways we could honor the elk that's carried us for twenty years, while bringing the brand into the future.


Elkline has a new look. 20 years and countless moments with the elk on our breast now lie behind us – but it’s a time we will never forget. 

The new logo design and brand identity demonstrate who we are today and express what we value most: Honest Made Apparel. This new mission leads us into the future. At its core: our products. At its heart: the same youthful rebels who are always trying to break free from the status quo. 

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For some, Elkline means outdoor lifestyle, for others functional clothing. And for us? We skip the hip buzzwords and instead live true to our values to make honest apparel for real moments. 

We create conscious of the fact that we are a part of what’s around us. We look outside the box; we switch off the autopilot. Our passion for nature and traveling, our curiosity to explore the world with its colorful cultures and our openness to new experiences – this is what we share with our customers. 


The new Elkline is more than a design on a product - we live and share creative energy. We are passionate, fully, sustainable and committed to our continued craftsmanship. 




It feels good. 




100% sustainable practices



The use for our customers. 




You know it’s an Elkline product when you see it. 






Stephan Knüppel


“To be creative and just make clothes” – with those passions in his backpack, Stephan jumped into his VW Bulli 20 years ago and started the ignition. He didn’t know where he was going back then – the journey was the destination.
Fast forward to the here and now. 
“Elkline has grown up,” Stephan says as he outlines how the rebrand came about. it’s recent implementation, and overcoming hurdles along the way..   


THE Founder and CEo of elkline Explains Why It Was Time for a Rebrand

  1. Stephan, after 20 years of Elkline, what made you look back and realize that it was time for a rebrand?

    We’ve been on the Elkline journey for 20 years. That’s a long time, and it leaves its mark on you, your decisions and actions and your environment. This is especially true for the market in which Elkline has firmly positioned itself. I knew that I wanted the journey to continue, respectfully acknowledging our past and moving forward with clear visions for the future. For this to be successful, however, we needed to do a few things: do a spring clean, question existing concepts and allow change to happen so that we are ready for the next stage of the Elkline journey. 

    Two aspects were crucial for us in this regard: readjusting our core values and creating a new external face for “Elkline.” Our new brand is both the compass that helps us navigate tricky questions and a visual sign to encourage our customers to live their individuality. This was, is and will be Elkline!   

  2. How did the team react when it heard about the rebrand?

    The feedback was very positive. In a sense, Elkline has grown up. Most teammates identified with this realization the most and are excited about this step. Of course, there were also reflections about the reactions of our long-time customers. In essence, however, the mood is one of excitement and positive energy, and it’s now up to us to use those sparks and make them glow.   

  3. Regarding the implementation of the new brand: How long did it take, and which hurdles did you and the team have to overcome? 

    Overall, the rebrand was and still is a process, and it started at the beginning of this year. Initially, our focus was different (keyword: integration of the VW license into our company) which has had its own momentum and is still in full swing. Looking back though, I see one constant, forceful development which ultimately resulted in the only logical consequence there was: our new design and brand. 

    The hurdles we had to overcome along the way were more semi-hurdles than anything else. Because the closer we got to the finish line, the smaller they became. That was the case especially for Antje and me, and less so for the rest of the team who wasn’t as close to the change process and only knew broadly where we were heading. From their point of view, however, some people certainly needed a bit more of a warm-up phase to overcome the initial hurdle: change. 

    What started as a visual change soon came (and still comes) along with structural changes that had (and still has) their own set of challenges. For example, creating an understanding that we needed to review our structures and processes holistically and that change wasn’t just allowed and encouraged, but necessary. And that change itself can lead to certain hurdles and challenges that we must overcome. 

  4. Looking back on 20 years’ experience business experience: Which lesson is the most important one that you learned?

    That’s easy: keep on swimming!

  5. Stephan, which adventure will you cross off your bucket list next? 

    I’d much rather add more adventures to my list than cross them off, to be honest, because I’m hoping that I will have more time for them in the future. One “adventure” I’m definitely crossing off my bucket list is “clinging to things, no matter the cost.” That only costs you – energy, time, money – and generates more problems than solutions. 

Stephan Knüppel, Founder & CEO of Elkline