SS 2020

ease of life


There's nothing quite like a warm, summer night when you've got nothing to do - the bugs and birds chirping as the sun’s last light fades away, and the breeze feels cool and just right. 

This collection is about enjoying life, living in the moment, and slowing down to appreciating everything the world has to offer. All too often we're caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy day-to-day lives that we can't truly appreciate all the good that is around us. Taking the time to slow down and live in the moment allows us to notice things and enjoy what we may have otherwise overlooked.

Put the phone down and listen to the birds out the window. Step away from the desk and enjoy sounds of the kids laughing at the park.  Really enjoy your coffee in the morning, or soak up the sun on your walk to work. These are the things that we forget about. 

Life is too short to let good things pass us by. Let the day unfold, and live it to the fullest - every day!




HW 19/20

northern lights