what does it take to be elkline?



It's reliability that characterizes the quality of our work. Internally, transparent structures and processes build the basis for successful teamwork. Externally, it´s the quality of our product design and customer service. Reliability leads to loyalty and durability - our foundation for success.


It´s pure curiosity that drives us to look outside the box – our own and our wider communities´. Every moment is full of opportunities and possibilities: let’s dare to embrace the unknown


Our holistic understanding of life drives us to contribute our share to a healthy world. For us, it´s never one way or the other – it´s always one way and the other. We are a global family. To us, family means no one and nothing is separated from others. That's our responsibility as an apparel manufacturer. 

open mind

Being open-minded is part of our DNA and allows us to give ideas a chance. That doesn’t mean we act naive, but rather that we allow to challenge and change existing concepts. We don’t cling to the past – we embrace new opportunities with open minds.